Experience the Dark Mysticism of Southeast Asia in an Interactive Art Medium

Sze Vern

August 23, 2021

4 min

Look under the bed.

Do you see anything?

There’s a belief that if there are gaps under your bed, monsters will reside there, so YOU’D BETTER make sure that you fill it up with boxes or things so they have no place to hide.

Perhaps, they don’t hide under our beds, but live and lurk in our fears.

And from the depths and fears of old, we’re proud to introduce our homegrown project, Kabaret! The interactive demo is now available after a year being buried inside the box (thanks to WINGS for reaching in and pulling it out of the darkness).

If all goes well, and we beat our demons along the way, you don’t have to wait long to get your hands on the full game, as Kabaret is coming this Summer 2021! (We’re gonna release our second game while still in a global pandemic ^^)

We cannot wait to introduce you to the world of Kabaret, a monster realm full of characters inspired by Southeast Asian myths. Get your cup noodles ready and smell that broth ‘cause it’s gonna be a f***ed up ride!

The idea of Kabaret was first conceived after Saqina & Buddy (our founders) worked with local traditional cultural dance performers and became entranced in their artistry and spirituality. Kabaret was then crafted to be a lighthouse for us estranged kind to find our way back to our roots.

Similar to our previous project, Fires At Midnight, Kabaret features a distinct hand-drawn stylized art style, layered storytelling with multiple endings, original soundtrack by Sambasunda Indonesia, music and sound effects by Hello Universe (same team from FAM!), and gameplays featuring local traditional games!

Our Kabaret project is funded by WINGS Interactive, who finances games made by teams with women and marginalised genders holding key positions.

The reception for Kabaret has been incredibly positive, and we are grateful for the support. Our community is growing closer together, like a dysfunctional family, so much so that we are having weekly events! Ever wanted to know what game developers are really like? Or just looking for friends to game and chill with? Drop by and hang out!

And as Bukowski said, “we are all museums of fear.” So come on by and take a look, there might be something for you here.

Enjoy our trailer! Art by MicehellWD, featuring music by Sambasunda Indonesia! Have a good day whoever you are, and don’t take shit from people!

As usual, do join our Discord community and follow us on our socials on Twitter (@personatheorymy), Instagram (@personatheory), and Facebook (@personatheory) for more info on us, Kabaret, Fires at Midnight and our upcoming games.

Remember to wishlist Kabaret today on Steam here!


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