Persona Theory at Animangaki 2019

Saqina Latif
Saqina Latif

September 12, 2019

2 mins

On Merdeka weekend, Team Persona Theory took part in Animangaki. Animangaki was held on the 31st of August and 1st of September at the Mines Exhibition Hall, and proclaimed as one of the largest animation, comics, and games convention in Malaysia. Special thanks to the organizing committee of Animangaki for getting us to the event!

The team L-R: Naim Iskandar, Gibran Iskandar, Tam Eugene, Saqina Latif, Zura as Kabaret’s Pontianak, Zaim Zulkarnain, Buddy Anwardi, Nurul Nadhrah

For this year’s Animangaki, the Persona Theory team set up a booth to showcase and market test two of our upcoming games, Kabaret & Fires At Midnight.

Our goal was to let people play the prototypes, experience the game concepts, and give feedback for further game development and evaluation. Our game received a significant number of play-testers of over 80 people, accompanied with valuable feedback.

It was the first public showcase for Fires at Midnight, while it was the 2nd showcase for Kabaret.

To fit the aesthetic and experience of Fires at Midnight, we used colourful decorations, rainbow patterned cloth and multi-coloured lights to represent the characters in the game.

For Kabaret, we wanted to bring a local ghost, the ‘Pontianak’, to life and to roam around the event grounds. The Pontianak, which is an intractable character in the game, was played out by the cosplayer, Azura, and our new intern, Nadhrah. Our goal was to deliver a factor of ‘curiosity’ to convention visitors to compel them to visit our booth and play test Kabaret.

Yoko Taro (Nier) and Taura Takahisa (Astral Chain) made an appearance!

Yoko Taro and Taura Takahisa signatures on Kabaret postcards!

Thank you to everyone that played the games, and took the time to chat with us! We’ll be releasing more details on both games real soon, so follow us on our socials to keep up with our updates.


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